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('cama' in Portuguese and Spanish means 'bed' in English, 'lit' en Franšais)
('na cama com' in Portuguese means 'in bed with' in English)

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The C.A.M.A. System
Conference And Media Accounting

Works With SCO OpenServer5 C.A.M.A. was designed and
written specifically for a
conference center,

and is
 © Copyright 1991-2004 Kropf 
by... K.C.S., Inc.

Works With SCO UnixWare7

This multi-user application, using Informix SQL technology, tracks student registrations including on-site lodging, meals, and training courses signed up for and whether transportation is required. Arrival to Departure can vary individually from 1 day to indefinitely (for full-time students) and allow sharing a room with a roommate.

It also maintains an inventory of Books, Cassettes, and Videos for international sale to individuals, and via sale or consignment to distributors including Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. Some of the inventory are components and the system can track "building" these components into sellable products (such as blank media, to labeled recorded media, to packaged media in boxes with label inserts).

Financial Accounting is integrated.

Those interested in this application as a standalone product
or as a hosted A.S.P. service may inquire by submitting this form.

Last updated on January, 2006

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